Tracing The Journey

It started in 1997, when the author, Lalit Jagtiani and a couple other employees in their workplace were christened Change Agents. Granted the mandate of driving Change in their organisation, life for them and Lalit hasn't been the same, since then. As Lalit and the Change agents travelled across India to various offices, departments, and units of the organisation to initiate the transformation program, they experienced a Change. It seemed that these teams-on-a-mission, were more than mere couriers of a corporate Vision. Consumed with the principles of Change Management, transformation of the organisation was not a task for them. It became their identity. While the organisation and its people were figuring out the aspects of Transformation, the author was undergoing an internal metamorphosis.

What makes When Change Happens… A Story of Organisational Transformation different?

When Change Happens… A Story of Organisational Transformation is an outside-in perspective on change management and organisational development. The story is a live model of a change management process in an organisation. Without 'prescribing' principles, guidelines and methodology of change management, the author succinctly expresses the subject in a manner that is organic, creative and dynamic. In fact, change management as a subject is just that. Evolving, never predictable and hence complex to execute and achieve a successful outcome. This is what makes When Change Happens… unique. It tells the real story of change management, one that is outside the pages of a management book but inside the walls of an organisation. Based on the fundamentals of change management garnered across professional assignments and built on a fictional platform is the USP of When Change Happens…