Change Fatigue


Change initiatives have become common. Each of us in corporate life have been getting used to a new change program every six months. In a typical structured approach, organizations go through the motions of communication, goal setting, enablement & review. This is thrown in with structure and reporting line changes that may or may not be accompanied by a large team event.

The key assumption by Organization: Change Accomplished.

The key assumption by Employee: This too shall change again

In the world we live in today, Change cannot be accomplished by frequent changes in KPI, reporting, structure but by focusing on de-bottlenecking the constraints that are impacting our outcomes in the field.

It is a continuous engagement with the customer facing teams to ensure that we are providing them the right support, removing constraints and driving success at the customer.

It is not about changing structures and incentives but allowing for honest conversations on what is not working. It is about creating integrated goals that minimize friction to foster collaborations.

What are your experiences with frequent change?

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