Speed of Change

Unlike in the past, Change today is fast paced leaving many of us gasping for breath. We hardly prepare and align ourselves to a new structure and approach and before the 3rd  Quarter there is already a blueprint for the next Change. Agility and Capability are buzz words but critical if Organisations and Individuals have to thrive.

Every once in a way a Change Practitioner has to stop and reflect, is the desired end state to big a leap?

Too short, and it will not have a significant impact. Too big, and it may result in big capability gaps, that cannot be bridged. Both are not desirable outcomes.

So how do we engage sceptical change weary and stretched resources to adopt and excel in the new Change?

There are many ways but for the purpose of brevity I will focus on one. Leveraging current Mindset.

The employees react in different ways when they are invited to participate in the Change Management Session.

Typically they can be classified as:







In the old thinking there was an effort and interventions designed to move people along the commitment scale. Today there is not much time for this. Therefore they engage each person based on their current orientation.

The Sophisticates are engaged early in crafting the OCM strategy and interventions, the Vacationers are engaged by gamification and interventions designed to engage these employees with the inputs and outcomes needed. The Opposers are engaged early once the Change Plan is designed to ensure the engagement plan is robust enough and there are no gaps in the approach or plan.  The Explorers are leveraged in the potential new roles and driving the new processes.

How does your organisation manage the different orientations of the people fatigued by frequent Change?



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