Empowering Change

December 4, 2016

To achieve success in a change initiative do we tell people what they need to do or share with them the need for the change and empower them to make the change themselves?


WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS…Invites you to be a Change Ambassador

October 30, 2016

As an experienced practitioner YOU have led or been a part of a Change Management activity. What worked? What could have been done better? Was the outcome meeting the expectations of the intended change? Only 30% of Change Initiatives succeed and the industry is looking for answers. What have been your experiences? Is there an answer or an insight hidden in your experiences in them? A little introspection and you will…


What makes your core?

October 20, 2016

To create some of the finest scotch whiskies or single malts, for that matter, distillers still follow the fine traditions, that hold good over the centuries. The blending of the malt with the yeast, distilling the right cut from the heated vapours and finally the years of storage in the casks that provide the unique flavours, those that are as much in demand today, as they were in the past….