The Baggage of Success

At a recent trek in Scotland I decided to be fully prepared and carried all that I felt was necessary to survive the journey ahead. Motivated by the crisp air, perfect weather and breathtaking scenery I was soon lost in the heady mix of endorphins, oxygenated blood and the quiet but sublime pleasure of the path ahead. The head and heart determined to push the journey to my personal limits of endurance.

Time lost meaning in the enhanced moments of each minute. As I gained height the viewing horizons expanded providing we with a better perspective on the rewards of moving ahead. The backpack I carried with the essentials that I needed at first felt light and provided a sense of security against any potential eventuality. But as the journey progressed the pack felt heavier to a point where I realised that much of what I had packed I did not need. The weight was reducing my ability to climb higher and achieve the goals my heart desired. I had to make a choice, letting go of some of my baggage or reducing my desired goal.pilq9281

Life provides us sometimes with a similar choice. Our fear of letting go of our past paradigms of success to explore new ones determines the limits to the heights we ultimately achieve. Not every new exploration is a success, we are not sure of the pitfalls ahead. Like in the trek we have to decide to let go of our  baggage of skills and risk failure versus trusting our ability to innovate and acquire new skills on the way.

What are the choices that you have made?

How did they work for you?

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