What makes your core?

To create some of the finest scotch whiskies or single malts, for that matter, distillers still follow the fine traditions, that hold good over the centuries. The blending of the malt with the yeast, distilling the right cut from the heated vapours and finally the years of storage in the casks that provide the unique flavours, those that are as much in demand today, as they were in the past.

Not much has changed, you would say.  Change is not always good some might argue. Yet the liquor industry has undergone substantial change. From sourcing of raw materials to being acquired by larger conglomerates; from optimisation of the supply chain to leveraging digital technologies to engage with their customers besides superior packaging and enhanced bottling facilities. Every individual and organisation have strengths that are timeless. Some of these constitute their core. While others need to change to remain relevant and successful.

What makes your core?

What do you need to change?

An inspiration during a recent holiday to Scotland and a tour of her distilleries.

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  1. As an whisky lover, and “consumer”, I do wonder what will be the next disruption for this industry. Much market disruption is happening in the wine industry, and to the benefit of both the primary producer and wine grower and the wine consumer – market forces, falling prices from the vine and other monopolization in some cases, have seen wine growers lose their share and this impact on us, the wine consumer – not knowing where our wine originated from and knowing the incredible history and narrative of the grape. Your book reminded me, how these primary producers, under the pressure of market forces, can leverage the power of disruption to bring tackle these challenges .. as many producers and distillers may be feeling squeezed out of the market due to tighter margins and lack to finance, maybe there be a model disrupt-or out there, that can bring back the personal connection between grower and consumer and deliver a solid financial outcome for all.. A great time for those business owners pressured, to ask what is their core and what do they need to change.

    1. Yes the advantage with digital is that it puts the producer in front of their ultimate consumers an opportunity to explore the new business models that can create micro segments serviced more exclusively by the smaller producer….

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