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A very well written book on Change Management for anyone interested in harnessing the positive spirit of change to drive organisational success. Lalit has combined his rich experience with a very lucid narrative to bring alive simple techniques that can help address complex challenges. And coming from a full time practitioner it does not end up with frameworks but is full of practical tips derived from real life situations.

CVL Srinivas
CEO, South Asia, GroupM

I like the lucid style of writing and Lalit's vast practical applications of concepts is quite evident from how he has cast them in the various role plays. The book does a great job of introducing the reader to challenges of change management and in drawing parallels to sensitive and yet conflict-ridden scenarios that accompany any organisation going through a change. Every manager will find this ...Read morebook as a good ready reckoner as they prepare to deal with the change and transformation, which is a constant process in the life-cycle of every enterprise.”

Puneet Pushkarna
Chairman, TiE Singapore

WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS is a deceptively modest book. Written in a simple, practical style it captures the reader’s attention in the very opening pages and from here we are entertained and educated as to the intricacies of change and all that this means and implies for and to an organization. The book is not just about *when* change happens…it is also about why it happens, how it happens, who is/a...Read morere involved and what it means. Likewise what is shared and offered is not simply a story- it is a step-by-step, multi-layered guide to handle and cope with the numerous predicaments and challenges presented (and operating!) when change becomes necessary. This is personal experience shared with tact and finesse and goes well beyond any such book that I have read. Staying away from the theoretical, academic and oftentimes turgid writings of many in this heated arena of organizational transformation, the author takes us into a well-imagined and sensitively crafted odyssey of change. Read almost as fiction, WHEN CHANGE HAPPENS remains in our mind long afterwards, tossing and turning waves of reflection and possibility. The end-result is that we come to real grips with the daunting task of mastering techniques to usher change, wielding all necessary support and resource along the way. This is a book which we read and reread because of the wisdom it contains and the understanding it creates. Jagtiani has to be congratulated for giving us a wonderfully laced instructional-manual without pretense and pedantry. A MUST-READ.

Dr Kirpal Singh
author of THINKING HATS & COLOURED TURBANS and Director, Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University

A series of gentle tales simply told that add up to many profound insights of practical good sense that should be immensely useful for both entry-level managers and greybeards.

Ravi Velloor
Associate Editor, The Straits Times, and author of India Rising: Fresh Hope, New Fears.

Lalit's book 'When Change Happens' is a handbook in change management and organisation transformation. It is wise and accessible, a must read in the rough and tumble of today's business life. The book will have wide appeal, from management students to seasoned managers, practitioners and participants in the business transformation process. The book is a step-by-step primer to managing change init...Read moreiatives. It is a story that evenly moves pace with abundant learnings through each of the 18 chapters. Yoshi's visuals are a delightful highlight of the key insights in the chapter. Lalit's style is lucid, making the book a light read that almost casually and playfully offers compelling nuggets along the way. Lalit's protagonist Matt, grows from strength through strength, from beginner to expert. The nuanced organisational dynamic in a global corporation is well-captured. The book does a fine balancing act between experiential lessons and a systematic framework for change management. A must read.

Deepa Soman
Founder & Managing Director, Lumiere Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

What a masterful narrative. Lalit has created a vivid and powerful connection to the art and practice that is needed to lead change and transformation, and build learning organisations. With a careful blend of humour and profound insights, the main protagonist of this story, takes us on an emotional journey. This journey reveals itself to us in ways to reflect the reality of managing the challen...Read moreges of personal agendas, performance and reward and misalignment, and of course the every present and murky world of office politics. Despite this early resistance many of us face in our work of transformation, what shines through is the wisdom, one's own striving for personal mastery, and then the revitalising energy that comes through as personal and team breakthroughs, in performance. The critical skills of the practitioner as portrayed so vividly in this enlightening and practical narrative, and amplify the need for patience, passion and skillful engagement, through thoughtful design and delivery tapping the strategies and tools that Peter Senge introduced, some twenty-six years. What strikes me at the last chapter was to reflect on how relevant these practices and disciplines are for organisations, companies and communities today more than ever.

Lauren Houghton
DirectorBreakthru Performance Pte Ltd

Everyone knows that change is inevitable and the only thing constant in our life is change. However, there is a huge gap between what our mind knows and what our body does. We often struggle with change, as we humans are a creature of habit, finding comfort in an illusion of status quo. Lalit's approach to this difficult yet critical topic by narrating a story we can relate to is refreshing. He re...Read moreminds us of key lessons in transformation by adding insights embedded in the story. When he sent me a copy for review, I was thinking, “How am I going to finish all these pages?" I was surprised how fast I finished it. It's an excellent book for anyone wanting to do better.

Leah Zveglich
Founder and Managing Partner, Aster Family Advisors

A very pragmatic guide to organizational transformation. Having used John P Kotter's change management style, this book brought in another level of understanding by bringing in practical nuances in organizational settings. Numerous ‘aha’ moments included the likes of communication to 'targeted' communication; just change to change 'aligned to personal aspirations'; facilitator of change to fac...Read moreilitator of 'business results' and ‘closed eye visioning method.’ Must read for leaders at all levels.

Deependra Sengar
Global Delivery Center Lead, Microsoft

So often books dealing with Organizational and Leadership Transformation overflow with jargon and offer examples and case studies that are either too complex or too simple to engage the reader. In "When Change Happens..." Lalit Jagtiani has created a story of organizational transformation that is grounded and realistic. He weaves together a series of his own experiences into a single story that tr...Read moreacks the ups and downs of a company and its leadership team at each stage of a critical transformation process. His descriptions express the human dimensions of change with honest and powerful quotations capturing the gambit of emotions from hope to frustration to fear and pride. As Jagtiani builds his story he gives concrete examples of processes and tools to support a step by step transformation. He lays out for his readers a clear and easily implemented map for a change process. He manages to make what is often seen as a formidable or daunting task to be within reach of any organization and leadership that brings the right attitude and commitment along with a good dose of tenacity and humor. I recommend Jagtiani's book to anyone who is contemplating or in the midst of an organizational transformation process. In addition to offering many insights into the essential dynamics of successful transformation "When Change Happens..." will also foster the hope and courage to undertake the journey.

Dr. Sandra Buckley
MA, PhD, Yale, CEO BlackBox Negotiators

Jagtiani puts Peter Senge’s disciplines of a Learning Organization into a business novel in the masterful genre of Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal. Through powerful storytelling the reader makes the journey of the central character, a change agent, experiencing the dynamic ride in a “hands-on” organizational transformation. This book introduces a fresh approach to exploring the once ground bre...Read moreaking and now time honored work of The Fifth Discipline, in the year of its 25th anniversary. It’s great to see this emerge from a practitioner in Asia.

Tara Kimbrell Cole
President and Board Chair, Society for Organizational Learning, Singapore (SoL, Singapore)

Lalit Jagtiani's book 'When Change Happens - A Story of Organisational Transformation' provides insightful perspective for the practitioner as well as participant in the 'Change process'. Using the story telling technique is a very effective way to aid the in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts. The simple story line piques the reader’s interest too & keeps them riveted to understand...Read more the challenges & solutions. A couple of things that resonate with my own personal philosophy are 'You become successful, only when you help others become successful' and 'Different outcomes cannot be achieved by doing the same things.’ I have personally gained by reading this book & am sure that it would prove invaluable for everyone who are interested in learning about 'Change' which is ultimately the only real constant.

Ajay Hiraskar
CEO - Success Alchemists

Story telling is profoundly potent form of knowledge sharing. It is eminently powerful for an author who is exploring a new aspect and a novel genre of coaching and tutoring about change management. Jagtiani spotlights that human values, corporate cultures, complexity of stakeholders’ interests, power games, emotional aspects, and many other human factors have major impact on the success of ...Read morechange management besides mastering processes. The book accentuates that change management is not a binary process, also it is more complex than mastering methodology, following a well-elaborated plan, using a toolbox that fits every organization. As very well pointed out by Jagtiani: the success of any intervention is achieved by winning over the support of employees. The most challenging and complex aspect of change management is altering the mind-set of the members of the organization and thoroughly following all the human factors in the process. This dilemma is excellently addressed by Jagtiani providing a great overview in the frame of a story that helps the reader follow the book not only from intellectual but also from an emotional perspective. This educational book is backed by state of the art theories, sharing many practical experiences of an expert who had witnessed number of organizational changes. All is stated in an entertaining way when following the best tradition of timeless authors and storytellers as Aesop and La Fontaine.

Imre Vadasz
Regional HR Director AMEA, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific

This is a well written book, not just for change managers or change agents but for any manager who wants to transform to a leader. In today’s fast paced world, managing change is a critical skill that all managers must have. I have particularly liked the way Lalit Jagtiani covers the finer subtleties of managing human nuances in the process of achieving change goals. Simplicity of language and f...Read morelow, accompanied by relevant illustrations make the book easy to read, easy to absorb and practical in its approach.

Ashish Bhasin
Chairman & CEO South Asia - Dentsu Aegis Network; Chairman Posterscope & MKTG - Asia Pacific

Lalit has amassed wide knowledge over the many years of his experience and has placed his knowledge succinctly and honestly within the covers of this first book as easily digestible learnings. An asset for a student and manager, it supports the text of change with brilliant examples of reality. Those that enliven the concepts of change. It is a real read. A blend of tactic while exposing human t...Read morehought process of the change agent, Lalit’s storytelling of Change is immersive, enjoyable and educational."

Professor Dr Jan vom Brocke
University of Liechtenstein

Lalit challenges organisations to approach their transformation journey the way we would a canvas – both delicately and with furious discipline. “When Change Happens”, is one of the most honest, direct and generous books about business transformation which provides a clear framework for developing our mastery and maximising our impact. I appreciate the real life case studies and all the resources packed in it.

Ujjwal Sarao
Executive Coach and Thought Leader, Talent Management

Academics and practitioners have long grappled with the challenges of leading successful organizational change. We know organizational change and transformation is daunting – in fact few such change efforts succeed. In this book, drawing on his long and variegated experience as a successful change agent, Lalit Jagtiani conveys valuable organizational change related tools and techniques in an interesting, fictional format.

Bala Vissa
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship; Chair, Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Area, INSEAD